My name is Elena and I’m an artist. Born in Russia, 1991. Based in Portugal & Bali 


We are art. I believe that we were born with the heart full of love and power to create. Nothing happens for nothing. There is a spirit of the universe which helps you to be on your own path. Feel it!

By playing with the light and colors I form prints, which in different ways combine to the ocean and surfing, show the beauty of simple things in life, present harmony, calmness atmosphere and unique soul.


To be creative I have to feel my Flow, which is the essential part of my life. It gives me the feeling of being the best part of myself, pure and clean. And it’s real, unique and beautiful. The limitless energy. My Universe.


The unconditional love to the local, the small-scale, the authentic, whatever is made out by caring.


WA +351 968 395 389


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